Finland: New Reform That is Going To Improve The Education System and Is It The Best In The World?

According to the latest rankings for the education systems in the world, Finland new reformatory education system has been found the best in the world. These rankings combined all data and test results like graduation rates and more. The question is how do they do it? The answer is quite simple. They do it by going against the evaluation driven model which is used by all the successful education models of the world.


Here are the reasons why Finland education system is the best in the world

• The Finnish children don’t start to go to school until they have touched the age of 7.

• The exams and home work system is not imposed upon them until they are well grown up as teenagers.

• There is no measurement process at all for the first six years of children’s education

• There is only one standard test for children which is mandatory at the age of 16

• All children, whether intelligent or not, are taught and educated in the same classroom with no distinction

• Finland spends thirty percent less on the education of a student than the United States of America

• Around 30 percent of children are provided extra help during the first 9 years of their school

• Nearly 60 percent of the students in Finland take admissions into college and this is the highest rate in Europe

• The least difference between the weakest and the strongest students is least in the world is in Finland.

• The recess time for elementary school in Finland is 75 minutes on an average while in US it is 27 minutes.

There are quite a good number of other reasons too which shows that Finnish education is the best in the world. If other countries also adopt the education system of Finland, then there is no doubt that the coming years will be the most revolution years in the education system of the world.

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