Winners Of Annual RSA Student Design Award Competition

RSA student design awards are in existence for years, and in its 89th year, this competition rewards students for coming up with innovative design solutions to today’s big challenges. Every year the RSA works with various industry and university partners to develop a series of briefs focused around social, economic and environmental issues. RSA works closely with UK universities to support the design students in applying their skills to research and respond to these problems. 


When they finished their projects then these finished projects are judged in person by a panel of experts and the winning students will receive prizes that include cash cards, paid internships and a contemporary year of RSA fellowship. There are 16 projects that won in the RSA Student Design Awards this year.

Here are the winners of annual RSA Student Design Award competition:

• Chris Redford: Chris Redford, student of Sheffield Hallam University has won a paid internship at branding agency Springetts for the Tinker project he made. This Tinker project is a radical stripped back domestic washing machine that is designed to get repaired by the consumer without the need for a technician. 

• Charles Anderson: Charles Anderson has just finished a degree in Graphic Design at Kingston University has won a paid internship at the environment agency for his scheme of reducing water pollution in UK.

• Nicole Shadbolt and Meredith Thompson: A duo team of Nicole Shadbolt and Meredith Thompson from Plymouth University, each of the students has won a paid internship in Waitrose’s Graphic Design. Their project is a respond to the brief asking for ideas to help people live more sustainably. Their project ‘Hive’ is a community improvement scheme which is focused on developing bee friendly communities and educating people about the importance of the UK bee population.

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