New Study Shows Resilience Leads To Success

Resilience is defined as “the ability to withstand and quickly overcome adversity.” Recent studies have shown that it is resilience rather than intelligence or talent which ultimately lead to success. You can be the most talented person in your field but if you give up after the first failure or obstacle you will not succeed. The road to success is paved with many obstacles and minor failures. If you falter along the path to success because of a lack of resilience to withstand or recover from these pitfalls success will be forever out of your reach. 


You can predict the future success or failure of a business by the structure it has in place to overcome any hiccups along the way. If a new business starts off without the necessary financial safety net, dedicated staff, plan B or long term goals you can predict that the business will not last. So what do you need for resilience? How do you insure success by boosting your resilience?

What do you Need to be Resilient?

Studies published by Juan Carlos Ayala name three key components to resilience: Hardiness which is defined as having personal competence, tenacity, working well under pressure, strong focus and clear thinking in the face of challenges. Resourcefulness is defined as someone who has the skills to handle adversity, knows where to turn to if they need help, has an arsenal of skilled advisors, employees, friends or colleagues who can be called on and have close and reliable business relationships. Optimism is the third factor required for resilience. A person who is optimistic is able to handle unpleasant situations, sees the humor in things and are willing to act on gut feeling when necessary. They go the extra mile to improve situations and don’t just do the expected. Psychologically they know how to deal with negative feelings. 

If you have resilience you can bounce back from hard times and persevere down the road to success. The good news is that you don’t have to be born with resilience, it can be an acquired skill. If life experience has not given you inbred resilience then you can train yourself to develop the qualities necessary. 

A few Helpful Tips of the Road to Resilience and Ultimate Success

Set high goals, goals that stretch your ability and may take years to achieve but will keep you focused and moving forward. Have short term, medium term and long term goals and be passionate about the future success you envision. Success requires hard work, perseverance, self-discipline and self-control. Put in the effort required and it will make up for your short comings. Push yourself beyond your perceived limits. Take risks and don’t be afraid of failure. In a world where immediate gratification is taken for granted you need to realize that true lasting success is not gained in a day, month or even a year – that only happens on reality shows (and doesn’t last). Stay on track and let your setbacks fuel you to continue on the path to success with renewed resilience. 

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