Top 10 Best International Universities In The World

For the global ranking a university’s international outlook can prove to be a key to its success. Some of the world’s leading universities raffle in the top academic and student talent from a global puddle and they merge with the best research teams, wherever in the world they are based for the purpose of pushing the boundaries of knowledge. 


Here are the top 10 best International Universities:

Harvard University

Harvard University is ranked at the top among the best international universities in the world. 

Massachusetts institute of technology 

After the Harvard University Massachusetts institute of technology ranked best. Massachusetts institute of technology also known as MIT is a private research university situated in Cambridge. 

Cambridge University

Cambridge University is ranked third among the top ten best universities in the world. This university is collegiate public research university and situated in Cambridge, England.

Oxford university

Oxford University has climbed two ranks in 2 years and is now stands on fourth place. It is located in oxford, England and known as the oldest university.

Stanford university

Still being in top 10 Stanford has dropped two ranks making it the 5th one in top ten universities. 

Princeton university

Princeton is a vibrant learning and community of scholarship which stands in the nation’s service. It is situated in Princeton, New Jersey. 

University of California 

University of California, Los Angles is one of the known and best universities for higher education. 

University of Tokyo

University of Tokyo is not a large university it has only 10 faculties and around 30,000 students but it provides quality education.

Yale university

Yale University is a private ivy research university and located in New Haven, Connecticut. It comprises major academic components and also has undergraduate programs.

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