Why Do We Find It So Difficult To Make Decisions?

Making decisions is an important skill. Some people can analyze the pros and cons and reach the optimum decision in a speedy manner. But for those of you who find it difficult to make choices here are a few observations about decision making that can help you solve your dilemma.  


Too Many Choices

Narrow down your options. It is great to consider every possible path but start a process of elimination and get yourself down to as few options as possible. Then start the real decision making process.

Fear of Lose

Making a decision means choosing between two or more things and so by choosing one we giving up on the other. The loss of this other option makes some people anxious. It makes them feel like they are losing something they will never get back. Remember that there are very few decisions that are irreversible and life is  forever evolving. One bad choice will lead you in another direction but who knows what that direction might be – it could be surprisingly good.

Fear of Responsibility

Some people don’t want to feel responsible if the decision has a bad outcome. Well look at the big picture. Life goes on. Take responsibility and be proud that you were the person responsible enough to make a decision. It is better to make the wrong decision that to sit on the sidelines and not take any responsibility at all.

Listening to too Many Opinions

If you have to make an important decision listen to the optioning of people who actually know what they are talking about – experts, professionals or people who love you and have your best interests at heart.

Decision Making Time 

Not taking enough time to consider your options can lead to quickly made bad decisions. Putting off making a choice and procrastinating can make the situation worse.  Take the time to consider your options but there is no need to rehash them a million times. You will already know in your heart what the right choice is. 

Always listen to your inner voice, your instinct. Know what your values are and use them to guide you in your decision making. What you feel in your heart might not always be the right decision but it can often influence your choice. Ask yourself what you are afraid of. Once you realize what you are afraid of you need to accept that you might make the wrong choice and have to suffer the consequences. Accept that people don’t always make the right choices but life goes on and we learn from our mistakes. As a Japanese proverb says “It is easier to give birth to a baby than worrying about it.” You also need to accept that in most cases it is better to make a decision, even a wrong decision, that to not make the choice at all. If you can bring yourself to the point where you are willing to accept the outcome of both options then you can make your choice without fear and with a whole heart.

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