10 Smartest Children In History

At the age when most of the children were playing with food and discovering their toes, these smartest children around the world are learning complex languages and studying fields we never heard of. 


Here are the 10 smartest children in history:

The six year old composer- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  When was three, he played the harpsichord and at the age of six, he had written his first musical composition. His talent was recognized shortly after his birth. 

Multilingual- William Rowan Hamilton  Hamilton was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1805 and showed his intellectual abilities at a very early age. At the age of 13, this future mathematician knew 13 languages.

Greatest artist- Pablo Picasso  Picasso developed his skills early and with the support of his artist father he made a large oil painting at the age of 15, the first communion which was displayed in Barcelona.

The smartest man ever- William James Sidis  At the age of eight, Sidis proved his mathematics giftedness by developing a new logarithm table based on the number 12. 

The ‘Hindu mathematical Wizardness’- Shakuntala Devi  Born in Bangalore, India, Shakuntala started her relation with numbers through card tricks she played with her father at the age of 3. Her talent is mentioned in Guinness world records. 

The great chess player- Robert James Fischer  At the age of 14 Fischer won the world chess championship and became the youngest winner of the title.

Unabomber- Theodore Kaczynski  Kaczynski’s mail bombing spree killed three people and injured 23, lasted twenty years. But before being the Unabomber, he was a young boy with 167 IQ and fifth grade. 

Physics- Kim Ung-Yong  He was listed in Guinness world record for having the highest IQ. At the age of eight, he started taking courses as guest physics. 

Youngest lawyer- Kathleen Holtz  At the age of 15, she started her law school and became the youngest lawyer.

Environmentalist genius-  Colin Carlson  He himself taught how to read as a toddler and he graduated in the age of 11. 

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