How Many Hours Of Sleep Are Necessary For A Student?

Have you ever think that how many hours of sleep you need to perform your best in studies? The deep stages of sleep are very important to grow the abilities such as memory and problem solving.  And magnesium which is a vital mineral for our bodies, may also improve overall sleep quality, brain performance, memory, and problem solving.


We know that one-third of our lives are made up of sleep but most research still points to the question of why we sleep. Fortunately, a new study conducted, and made an impression in the scientific community because it was the first to find one of the reasons why we sleep. It is like, in the seventh month of birth, premature babies sleep 80% of the time, 20% more than babies not born prematurely. Why so? The baby is likely catching up on brain and body development that it missed in the womb.

Proper and adequate sleep is very important, and REM and NREM are the two important tools which determine your mental development and learning capacity the following day.


REM sleep  REM stands for rapid eye movement, and this is called the fifth stage of sleep. We go into REM sleep more frequently and deeply when the morning approaches. Interestingly, the body behaves like it was awake during REM sleep. Typically, the brain produces the same waves as it does when we are awake.

NREM sleep  NREM stands for non-rapid eye movement. NREM has several phrases, but the final stages are the most important when you sleep.  You reach this stage of sleep after an hour when you fall asleep. Growth hormone is said to be released and then body and brain regenerates and repairs organs and tissues during the stage 3 of NREM. 


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