What Are America’s Best Online Universities?

Online Universities are helping the students to pursue the degree courses in a more convenient way and the students are free to choose their schedule with the convenience of home. More and more renowned universities in United States are adapting online learning as a part of their strategy and have understood the benefits of online learning. Here is a list of America’s best online universities which is based on a number of factors like quality of academics, online teaching methodology, student’s satisfaction etc.

University of Florida

The University of Florida is one of the best universities in US providing online bachelor degree programs. This university provides online bachelor degrees, master’s degree, doctoral as well as special degree programs.

University of Massachusetts

This is a highly respected school and provides online degrees through UMass online which is the most outstanding online learning program. It offers more than 100 online degrees and over 1500 online courses in education, business, management, arts and nursing.

Penn University

Penn University World Campus provides high class online education to its students and is of the same quality as traditional campus-based classes. It has a combination of research and high class instructional quality by the faculties.

Colorado State University (CSU)- World Campus

CSU provides a number of online degrees which are exclusively designed for professionals in the areas of business management, technology and education. These all professional degrees are backed by the high reputation of Colorado State University (CSU). CSU provides graduate degrees, undergraduate, completion programs and individual courses available for online learning.

ASU Online

Arizona State University is one of the top colleges of America and ASU online is the online school of Arizona State University. It offers an array of online graduate and undergraduate degree programs.

The other popular universities of US are – Drexel University Online, Rochester Institute of Technology, Boston University and Pace University.

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