The Most Popular Online Universities

Online degrees are gaining popularity these days and with that the number of online universities is also growing. Online education is the future of modern education and the students who cannot attend campus make the online degrees the first choice. Here are some of the most popular online universities in United States of America and the basis of judging popularity is the number of enrollments.


University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix has the largest number of enrolled online students. The university provides graduate and undergraduate degrees in the fields of technology, education, nursing and business.

American Public University System (APUS)

APUS is a for-profit institution which is the number one provider of higher education to the United States Armed forces. It provides higher education to the students coming from a variety of backgrounds.

Liberty University

This is the world’s largest Christian university and charges the lowest fees among the top online universities Liberty University offers more than 100 programs in business, nursing, education, criminal justice and many other fields.

DeVry University

DeVry University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in 34 career areas and provide an online MBA program and other graduate degree programs in a variety of fields. It has well developed curriculum created with the help of top business leaders.

Ashford University

Ashford University offers degrees in education, business, healthcare, sciences and other areas and offer degrees in over 50 programs. In Ashford University some of the degrees take only one year to complete.

UMass Online

UMass is a part of the University of Massachusetts and offers over 100 degree and certificate programs and over 1500 online courses in arts, business, management, IT and many varied areas.

Some other popular online universities of USA are Western Governors University, Walden University, University of Maryland and Kaplan University.

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