Top Universities Offering Valuable FREE Online Courses

If you are willing to continue your education in this season then you have got some good options to continue your education with free online courses offered from some top universities. These courses are offered in the form of video lectures, online quizzes and audio transcripts. Here are those valuable free online courses offered by some top U.S. universities.

Harvard University free online Courses

One of the most famous universities of the world, Harvard has created a platform edX for online learning and offers free online classes. Some are self guided and can be started anytime but some run on a fixed schedule. You can browse their course here.


Duke University free online courses

Duke University of North Carolina uses the Coursera platform to offer some free online courses. Free lectures on English composition and Genetics are offered in the form of understandable YouTube video clips and online assessment, message board and online interaction is also possible. Take a look at the free online courses at Duke.

Stanford University online learning free courses 

California’s most prestigious university Stanford offers online learning to its amateur online learners through online video lectures, discussion forums, chats and even with active group participations. A good variety of courses are offered and it covers a number of field like Game theory to Cryptography and many more. You can check the collection of courses here.

The University of California, Berkeley free online courses

The online courses offered by the University of California, Berkeley cover webcasts on chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, statistics, sociology and many others. You can watch every lecture on You tube and audit it afterwards. Take a look at the courses here.

Mellon University’s open learning program

The Carnegie Mellon University offers nearly 21 open and free courses through its open learning platform (OLI). The tracking your progress is easy and targeted feedback and online assessments are provided which gives you idea how well you are understanding the material. You can browse the offerings here.

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