The Myth Of The Four-Year College Degree And How YOU Can Make It Shorter

In the United States of America nearly four million fresh students enter the universities each year for a four year college degree but statistics show that not more than 39 percent are able to complete the degree within the period of 4 years. Media and other organizations have started calling these four year degrees as five or six year plans because of the big rate of students unable to complete the course within 4 years span.

Nearly 50 of the 580 public institutions giving four year degrees graduate their students on time. This is costing billions of extra dollars to their parents and many change their colleges in order to complete the degree on time. A number of discussions have been going on this topic of long degree duration and some consider this due to faculty issues and others blame this on students. 

A solution has been set by Complete College America and has set a system called Guided Pathways to Success (GPS) which provides the students a direct route for a successful graduation. It creates collaboration between the students and the colleges and students have to commit a structured course schedule and elective offerings which will help him to complete the course on time. Institutions have to monitor the student progress and make sure that the necessary courses were offered on time and with the schedule. A number of institutes have implemented the GPS approach and found a dramatic improvement in the completion of degrees on time. A good example is the Arizona state university which have implemented GPS system through eAdvisor system and recorded a sixteen percent improvement in the number of students graduating in time. More and more colleges are adopting the GPS techniques of Complete College America and will show a definite improvement in the number of graduating students within the actual degree term.


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